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I've been flying since 1997. Currently, I am a corporate pilot for a company in the southwest United States. I'm a co-pilot in a Learjet 24 and I'm training for pilot in command in a Mitsubishi MU-2 (turboprop).

Prior to becoming a professional pilot I was an FAA Flight Instructor for over six years. I taught pilots as they earned their Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-engine certificates and ratings in Cessna 152's and 172's, Piper Warriors and Archers, Bonanza A-36's and Baron 58's (multi-engine). The pinnacle of my flight instructing experience was as the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for a part 141 airline-style training school. I had the duties of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the flight school, which had about 40-50 students and 5-6 flight instructors. I regularly conducted stage checks and acted as a Designated Examiner (DE) for Commercial Pilot checkrides under our part 141 certificate.

In 2001 I was in the military and flew the Air Force's T-37 jet trainer in the USAF flight school, Columbus MS, until a medical problem ended my training there. I then pursued civilian ratings and became a Flight Instructor.

I enjoy flying because it is an awesome sense of freedom. You can get to places many times faster than by car. And oh yeah, flying at mach .82 (Learjet) is incredible.

I have a beautiful wife and two young kids. I love God, my family, and my country. My hope is that more and more people will catch the "flying bug" and enter the fascinating world of aviation.

I hold an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate for Multi-engine Airplanes with a LR Jet SIC Type Rating, a Commercial Pilot Certificate for Single-engine airplanes, and flight instructor ratings for single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument training. Someday, I hope to have the means to be able to pursue glider ratings. I believe that glider experience makes any pilot a better pilot. Who knows, someday you might be reading about my glider pilot experiences !


About This Website

This site is comprised of my personal experiences both as a professional pilot and as an FAA Flight Instructor. These stories are real and are intended for anyone with any level of interest in aviation. I write about them exactly as they happened. Some are more intriguing than others, but all of the stories are from my own experiences. I do not "borrow" stories from other pilots.

The stories that I share have two purposes: First, they are for just pure entertainment for readers who are pilots or for those who long to be pilots. I remember being a young pilot who loved reading about the experiences of "seasoned" pilots. Second, the stories are for educating others. Maybe you are hoping to someday move into flying as a career, either as a flight instructor or as a transport pilot. My hope is that my own experiences can shed some light on how to handle situations; the unexpected. Or, how to be prepared and plan so that you can avoid those "unexpected" situations. I know that people can learn a lot from those who have been there. Either way, each article is intended to be both interesting and educational. Safety is the number one theme throughout these stories.

From my profile you may notice that I am not specific about where I am based out of. In reading, you may also notice that I often do not specifically give our departure or arrival airports. This is because I am writing about my flying experiences while employed with a company. I feel that keeping my location and the company name anonymous will avoid any "issues" that my employer may have with me writing such intimate details of our flying experiences. Again, the experiences I have and what I've learned along the way are the important factors here.

I hope you find this site entertaining, helpful, and useful.


Caren Stevens said...

What is the bullet nose on a learjet? Some guys won't tell me the answer and I keep guessing a few times. Can you tell me. My email address is lamb999.cs@gmail.com. Thank you love in Christ Caren Stevens

Caren Stevens said...

I just saw you love God, family etc May He bless you all in Jesus Christ name.